Feelings of Grandeur

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During one of my blogger’s marriage to a sociopath, her mother in law, a sociopath, displayed an excellent example of the feelings of grandeur. She invited a friend from church to her home to show off her Christmas card collection. She also invited her to join them.

Immediately when she brought out her Christmas cards, her friend and she noticed that they were from the store shelves, the beautiful, personally-selected cards. Definitely, the situation begged the question: Why would so many people send this woman so many special cards?

She listened as her mother in law read out loud the handwritten names on every card, always adding how sweet so and so was to send her such a nice card. However, at about the same time, they recognized that the handwriting was the same on the cards. Occasionally a different colored ink pen was used.

It was obvious to both of them that this woman was touting her self-elevated importance as the recipient of so many beautiful Christmas cards from so many admirers.

Sixty Shades of Sociopaths

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